Sapadian Development Update - 8/23/22
By ben on 2022-08-24 04:01:10

Yo! Permission updates and the latest page redesign is complete.

What does this mean? How do permissions work?

 - There are 3 options for each post (Public, Only Followers, and Only Me).  "Public" will go on the latest feed accessible to the world outside Sapadian. "Only Followers", will set posts to only be shown to those who follow you. "Only Me" will not let anyone but you see your post.  This is very handy if you want to save a draft.

- ***NOTE ON CURRENT POSTS*** Please go into your dashboard and update your post settings because they aren't set by default, after I pushed the latest changes into production.

Changes upcoming, hopefully this week

 - Full search of members and public posts. Followed posts have a nice search capability so they will not be included, but members will so people can find folks to follow.

 - Dashboard improvement to be able to see a status of individual post privacy.

More to come soon. Ya'll stay cool



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