Eras Tour....Maybe?
By ben on 2022-11-15 16:02:35


Will I get tickets?  I have no idea, but here is to a valiant effort!

It's looking like the TicketMaster site has crashed from the volume, but I am in too deep, and will update this if I have success.

Finally, hey TicketMaster I'd only pay your fee if it was 13 cents. IYKYK.

Stay strong friends.

#TaylorSwift #ErasTour


2022-11-15 20:37:07
By ben

What a debacle, TicketMaster needs some clustering or something, their tech just couldn't handle the volume.  I ended up getting my tickets through the pure loving altruism of my little sister who is the best. Because after a long grinding wait in the queue I got a varnish cache error on the redirect to purchase.  In the end I am happy to see the one and only Taylor Swift in June with my family! I can't wait!