The Sapadian Difference - It's Official Launch Day!!!
By ben on 2022-08-30 00:08:57

Today is official launch day. 🥳🍺!!!

So what sets Sapadian apart? It's a valid question.

1. Your data is secure, never sold, never shared, and at your fingertips.

2. Your identity is anonymous.

3. Come and go as you please. Delete your whole account, and data, with a button press. Then join again!

4. Create as many accounts as you need.

5. You will never see an ad. Sapadian is user funded through donations.

6. Users help guide the Sapadian direction.

This is "Our Social Community".

Finally, please be kind, have fun, and Enjoy!







2022-08-30 11:40:48
By ThatGuyOverThere

Congrats! 🎉

2022-08-30 14:43:54
By ben

Thank you very much, we'll see where it goes, but it's my child now so to speak, and as long as the core values guide us things will be great.  I get good vibes.