How do I use post privacy?

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2022-09-01 03:38

Post Permissions

At the end of your posts there is a section to set post privacy there are several options that will determine where your post will show up on Sapadian.


A "Public" post will show up to everyone on the internet in the "latest" section of the web site.  Only users who are logged in will be able to comment.  Public posts will also show up in your followers feed and the Sapadian search.

All Sapadian Users

All "Sapadian Users" posts will be displayed only in the Sapadian Search.

Only Followers

"Only Followers" posts will only show up in the feed of people who follow you.

Only Me

"Only Me" posts will only show up in your dashboard, and only visible to you.  This setting is good for drafting if start a post and want to come back later to edit it.

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