Hello Fellow Human Being,

One of the major problems with social meda is its infringement on our social fabric. That is why I pledge this. Sapadian will never have a mobile application. It will never send notifications of any kind.

In days past people wrote correspondence. Most people don't know what this is, and they called them letters.

Sapadian is a stop sometime in your day, week, year, or maybe less often. It's what I feel social media could have been, and still can be. A place to connect with people, but without the bombardment.

Put down your phones, and step away from your computers, and tablets.

Get out into nature. Connect with people one on one in person in your local community. Use technology to help people. Use your talents to help people. Use your money to help people. Ask your government representatives to use our money to help people.

Memes don't help people. Likes don't help people. Followers don't help people. Step away, and make the world better. As a middle aged man with children, who has seen the world change so much in my short time on this earth, I ask you to do this, please.